Clients Want to Pay You More (Really!)

New research shows opportunities to boost revenues by up to 31%.

What clients want: Adding strategic advisory services to your tax prep and payroll bundle could increase fee income by more than 48 percent. (

By CPA Trendlines

As CPAs know better than anyone, these are turbulent times. Whatever the situation was, it just changed. CPAs know because they are at the center of it all — the calm, analytic eye at the center of Hurricane Upheaval.

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So consider for a moment the desperation of the businesses that are or could be your clients. They are suffering:

  • the financial and logistical onslaught of the pandemic,
  • the ever-evolving rules on taxation,
  • the constant change in compliance,
  • the lack of time for issues not within their core business (accounting, for example),
  • the problems and insecurities of their own clients and customers, and
  • concerns about the future.

In other words, clients have more important things to do than keep track of financial matters.

And they’re willing to pay for the freedom to stick to their core business.

The trick…