Etiquette Never Goes Out of Style

Laughing businesswoman talking on the phone in office in front of four monitorsWhen in doubt, take the high road.

By Steven E. Sacks
The NEW Fundamentals

It really does not matter what type of work environment you work in. A modicum of etiquette and common courtesy should be constantly exhibited and practiced. Anyone or any organization that wants to succeed in general and compete in specific markets needs to understand and follow the protocols of proper behavior.

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Your superiors, colleagues, staff and outside parties will respond more positively if they believe they have been treated civilly and with respect. Reciprocal referrals and other mutual arrangements are easily carried out when both parties believe they have been properly accorded deference and courtesy. I have found that those who believe they were treated unfairly may not say anything, but they will never conduct business with the individual(s) who offended them.