Are You Sure You’re In the Wrong Place?

Man walking boardwalk forest trail in early morningYou could be further on X, but then Y would have suffered.

By Bill Reeb

At this point in the Process, you have already identified a Desire (including a plan, tactics, timeline and expectations) and have been following that plan doing the Work. However, for you to be at this juncture, you had to kick out of the Try (Work)-Evaluate loop because you were feeling unsuccessful or unhappy about your progress or priorities. When this negative evaluation occurs, you are either starting to get stuck or you are already stuck.

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As I have observed in my experience with clients, martial arts students and my own life, identifying a solution to get you back on track occurs by working through one of two paths. The first path is for you to consider “what you are thinking,” with the second path reflecting on “what you are doing.” As you consider the variety of techniques focused on what to let go of so that you can start regaining momentum, your action choices will come down to replanning, reprioritizing or reaffirming your Desire, or some combination of these. With this in mind, let’s consider some techniques to help you reassess what you are thinking.