IRS in Retreat from Communities

Disappearing brick-and-mortar offices undermine voluntary compliance, raising IRS costs. By Rick Telberg CPA Trendlines In case you haven’t noticed, the Internal Revenue Service has been retreating from local communities. SPECIAL REPORT – Fixing the IRS: IRS #FAILs at Online Services … Continued

SURVEY: New Tax Law Roils Busy Season

How some savvy CPAs turn confusion into new billings. Join the survey, get the results By Rick Telberg CPA Trendlines Research The so-called Tax Cut and Jobs Act won’t officially take effect until next year, but professionals are already reporting … Continued

Training Cutbacks at IRS Hurt Everybody

What you get for $87 per employee. By Rick Telberg CPA Trendlines What could be more frustrating than calling the Internal Revenue Service 14 times before finally getting through to an agent—and then the agent tries to answer your question … Continued