Industry Employment Surge Shows No Signs of Slowing

Record highs seen in overall employment, staff wages, CPA firm employment and staff, and more. By CPA Trendlines Research The U.S. tax, accounting and bookkeeping industries show no signs of slowing down, according to CPA Trendlines sources. Here CPA Trendlines … Continued

U.S. Accounting Pay Beats London, but Not Asia

New global study shows 43 percent of accountants are ready to jump ship. Here’s why. By CPA Trendlines Research The war for top talent in the U.S. accountancy profession is spreading worldwide, fueled by growth and increased confidence, according to … Continued

CPA Firms Hike Wages in Battle for Top Talent

Next question: Who’s hiring, who’s not. Get the answers: Join the survey. By CPA Trendlines Research With CPA firms locked in a battle for top-level talent, typical wages in the U.S. tax, accounting and bookkeeping industry are advancing at record rates, according to … Continued

Yes, You Should Send Rejection Letters

Some people expect them…and say so. By Ed Mendlowitz The CPA Trendlines Practice Doctor QUESTION: Do you recommend sending rejection letters to someone I interview and do not hire? RESPONSE: Yes. Early on I did not send them, but when … Continued

Accounting Firms Run on More than Checklists Alone

How savvy firms capture their best practices and foster continuous improvement. By Roman H. Kepczyk Quantum of Paperless Every firm has accountants who are 10 percent, 20 percent or even 50 percent more productive in their departments than other personnel because they … Continued

5 Ways Gender Bias Plays Out at CPA Firms

The harmful impact of gender bias on women’s careers. By Ida O. Abbott Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know Gender bias reflects entrenched beliefs and assumptions about women based on stereotypes about appropriate roles and behaviors for women. Unconscious … Continued