Payroll Isn’t for Amateurs [VIDEO]

SurePayroll launches really cool video ads.

SurePayroll has launched "Extreme Payroll Stories," a contest that awards participants with free payroll services for sharing their stories about how they've processed payroll under extreme circumstances.

Of course, the real news with Surepayroll today is the $115 million deal with PayChex. We hope that doesn't stop SurePayroll from producing more cool ads like these.

2 Responses to “Payroll Isn’t for Amateurs [VIDEO]”

  1. Avalara

    Thanks for sharing the videos. It’s true — smart companies now outsource their payroll so that they can be sure to get it right. The same trend is happening with sales and use tax processing — the risks of doing it yourself just don’t outweigh the benefits.

  2. SurePayroll

    SurePayroll and our new parent company, Paychex, look forward to creating many more cool ads like these for as long as our online followers continue to enjoy them. So, please, pass them along to friends!

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