The CPA Trendlines Top 20 Topics for 2013


Clues to new challenges and opportunities.

by Rick Telberg

Rick Telberg
President / CEO

The list of the top 20 most-clicked articles at CPA Trendlines provides a roadmap to the profession’s anxieties, aspirations and, just maybe, a glimpse into what 2013 holds.

Key issues emerging in 2012 and gaining momentum into 2013 include economic recovery, intensified competition, squeezed profit margins, upward pressure on salaries, downward pressure on rates, panic over succession, and a rush to the cloud.

  1. Bullish on the Accounting Business. How firms are preparing for busy season: Join the survey, get the answers.
  2. Billing Rates Jump Sharply at CPA Firms. A sign of a full economic recovery for the profession?
  3. CPA Firm Revenue Growth Re-Accelerating. Revenues up for firms in all size ranges.
  4. Trending Upwards in Starting Salaries. Business demand drives hiring, new competition for talent.
  5. The CPA Castle Is Crumbling. Is change coming too fast for firms to handle?
  6. Marketing Plans of the Best FirmsHigh-performing firms look to leap ahead of low-performers with a few key strategies.
  7. Six Ways to Give Yourself a Raise. Start by knowing your “opportunity number.”
  8.  Why Accounting Firm Partners Are “Popping Prozac like M&M’s.” Four reasons behind the succession crisis: The perfect storm.
  9. How to Find Your Firm’s Future ‘Rock Stars.’ Hint: It’s not about how smart they are or hard they work.
  10. 21 Awesome Ways to Show Appreciation. One of the key ways to improve client and workplace relationships is by showing appreciation.
  11. Accounting Firm Leaders Agree: The Cloud Is Here90% already using SaaS for some work.
  12. 13 Reasons Timesheets Will Never Die. Nor should they.
  13. The Coming Storm of Staff Turnover. CPA firm employees are simply fed up with old, inefficient and ineffective ways of working.
  14. 10 Reasons Clients Don’t Pay, and What To Do about It. Excuses, excuses, excuses.
  15. 11 Things You Take for Granted Today that Technology Will Kill within Six Years. And what it means for accountants and the client of the future.
  16. Nine Things We Know For Sure about How to Grow an Accounting Firm. What we know about what works.
  17. Bookkeeping Billing Rates Region-by-Region. How does your state rate?
  18. The Real Election Day Winners? Accountants. What the election means for busy season:  Join the survey, get the answers. 
  19. The Top 12 Tax Return Preparation Errors. GET THE INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Ed Mendlowitz’ Tax Season Opportunity Checklist Kit. FREE to PRO members.
  20. Awesome Flash Mob Video by Withum Goes Viral. State-of-the-firm vid lands Rachel Ray TV show appearance.