How to Calculate Your ‘Opportunity Number’

Money on one side of scales, watches on otherBonus checklist: 6 steps to get you there.

By Sandi Smith Leyva
The Accountant’s Accelerator

Every week, do you get wonderful, exciting calls from new clients who want to use your services? You might want to talk with every one of them to get the sale. The problem is, if you do, you’re likely to go bankrupt. Let me explain.

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Each of us has 24 hours in one day. Most of us have annual revenue goals. A few of us have monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly revenue goals. Hopefully you know what your revenue goal is. (If not, you should!) If you don’t pull in that level of revenue for the week or month, then you’ve missed your plan.

Let’s say you want to generate $1 million in sales for the year. On average, you need to pull in $20,000 a week. That’s $4,000 a day.