Private Clouds on the Rise

2016-ROUNDTABLE-OUTLOOK-FOR-ROSENBERG-MAP-COMMENTARY-VF-240x219Security breaches will be a heightened concern.

They say “past results are no indication of future performance.” Maybe. Maybe not. But if anyone should know, it’s our panel of experts, their comments drawn from the new edition of The Rosenberg MAP Survey. These are their bullet points and comments, verbatim, looking back at the last 12 months and looking ahead to 2016. – Rick Telberg, CEO

By Roman Kepczyk
The Rosenberg MAP Survey

Lessons from 2015:

Firms overall remained cautiously optimistic, with those that were more specialized/niched seeing solid leaps in growth in both personnel and revenue. These firms brought us in to direct their investments in upgrading their infrastructures, focusing not only on the physical IT components, but in optimizing their internal production processes with the applications they had in place.

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Much of our consulting last year trended toward helping firms implement streamlined workflow tools (XCM, Thomson FirmFlow, CCH Workstream) and toward adopting “lean tax” production processes, which continues to be the latest buzz. M&A IT consulting was another big focus as we helped firms actively build “private cloud” infrastructures so they could