So Much to Do and So Little Time: Achieving Success in the C-Suite

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 How to learn and teach leadership skills.

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There is no one right way that leadership can be defined. A high-level title is not a definition. Neither is continuous delegation of work without context nor unilateral decision making.

Leadership is about attitude, influence, coaching, creating and sharing; a conscious awareness of mission and walking the talk in values. In a word, leadership is an art.This differs from management, which is basically a science that produces quantifiable results that can be measured against expectations.

Leadership imparts a sense of purpose for staff to build a greater commitment in its work; it creates an emotional, as well as an intellectual investment. Instilling the “why” instead of the “what” in your staff allows it to have a sense of fulfillment and purpose, not just a means of checking an item off a “to do” list.

Technology companies over the past 25 years have exhibited this philosophy. There are those who put the stake in the ground with goals that have been uplifting. Apple set out to change the world. IBM recovered from missed opportunities with its campaign to build a smarter planet. Google, well, we know about Google. It is not only a brand but has morphed into a verb. These companies “walk the talk.”