The Celebrity Accountant

A high-profile accountant, played by Paul Giamatti, struggles to reel in the spending of wealthy clientele – one, in particular, played by Kieran Culkin.

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Giamatti’s character is frustrated by the spending habits of his clients, as he counsels them against over-the-top financial decisions including the purchase of a solid gold jet-ski, private plane, and claiming a tiger as a tax write-off.

In the last moments of the spot, Culkin’s character calls the accountant to boast of his latest purchase, a Volkswagen.


2 Responses to “The Celebrity Accountant”

  1. Greg Zbylut

    It’s not “celebrity accountant,” it’s “business manager.” And we do it all the time. I once had a client in deep with the IRS. Literally moments after hanging up with the IRS – having told them he had no money, because, well, he didn’t – I got a call from the client telling me he was at a Land Rover dealer looking at a new car for his wife. Fortunately, I was able to talk him out of that purchase…far more bluntly than Paul Giamatti, though.

  2. Brian Davis

    I always wonder… am i a bad accountant because i never have any discussions like this with my clients? I’m never frustrated by my client’s spending habits because i don’t do anything like that. Am i supposed to? Is that something that other accountants do that I should be doing?


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