The Seven Factors Keeping Accounting Firms Afloat Amid COVID-19

And the top five survival strategies, according to CPA Trendlines Research.

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By CPA Trendlines Research

Under the historically unprecedented pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic, U.S. accounting firms large and small are adapting as fast as they can—or rather, as fast as they must.

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Practitioners are striving, struggling, scrambling to do what they have always done, and on top of that, to learn what they never knew in order to serve clients as in ways they needed to before.

Less than three months from when the first cases were reported, the pandemic has taken the lives of over 70,000 Americans and is approaching 3,000 deaths a day. While the pandemic has been a shock to the economy, tax and accounting practices appear to be maneuvering through it better than many other businesses.