Remote Work Success Helps Solve Staffing Shortages

Businesswoman relaxing in the office with bare feet up on her deskTax reform boosted those ready for consulting.

By Carl George

The two most significant changes that I have seen so far are:

  • “COVID has forced us to run our businesses better!” With so much being unknown when COVID first started, many firms developed plans and forecasts under numerous disaster scenarios. Accountability (and in some cases, behavior changes) of each owner was essential and I have seen many firms “pay more attention” to running the business. I believe these changes will become permanent.
  • “We became more comfortable with our technology capabilities and it saved us!”

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The most significant change we will see long-term will be a significant portion of a firm’s practice will be accomplished by a permanent remote work force – at least 25 percent. We have seen that it works, we will continue to refine the model, and firms will be more efficient and profitable once the final model is in place.