Radical Customers Are On Their Way

Do you create content? You’ll need to learn.

By Jody Padar
The Radical CPA

New customers want CPAs to use the latest technology and the next generation of business owners demands it. But what about the legacy customers who you think don’t care? The original owners may not care, true. But your legacy customers are going to have the same succession issues as your firm. Those customers are going to have to create a succession plan and if that plan is going to the next generation, that generation doesn’t have any experience with you as a CPA firm. And you better believe tech­nology is important to them; it’s in their DNA.

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For example, if the dad passes the torch to the kid, and the kid says “well I don’t know John CPA all that well. They don’t use cloud tech­nology and I’m going find a firm that does use the cloud.” They choose technology because they have no current relationship with the firm. We receive many leads from business owners in this situation.