How Overachievers Can Get ‘Unstuck’

Diagram of objectives

Here’s your new process.

By Bill Reeb
Succession Institute

I was looking for a process that was logical, yet would be dynamic enough to respond to life as it unfolds around us.

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For example, when I am hired to help an organization create a strategy and then implement it, I call upon a formal process to get us from vision through execution. However, often the reason I am called in the first place is that someone or some organization realizes they are stuck.

When this is the case, I first take a look at

  • where they are,
  • what they have already done and/or attempted
  • and where they want to go,

and then help them see for themselves what next action will likely unstick them so they can continue moving again in the direction of their choice. The steps in this system follow a logical flow.