What’s in Your New Client Funnel?

 Three simple questions to test your revenue forecast.

Sandi Smith
Sandi Smith

By Sandi Smith, CPA
Accountant’s Accelerator

You may have heard about the marketing funnel before.  There are lots of variations, and I want to cover it in a way that helps us examine our mix of products, services, and prices.

The funnel can be pictured like a big “V.”  At the top, wide-open part, there are a lot of prospects interested in your services and products.  At the bottom, narrow part, there are a few select customers who buy the most from you.

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Near the top, you will have all of your lowest-cost offerings, perhaps those under $100.  In the middle, your medium-priced products and services will be positioned, and at the narrow, bottom, you will have your most expensive offerings.

The funnel is a fairly simple concept; however, we can glean quite a bit if we ask ourselves these questions: