5 Ways to Get More Referrals

Key to leads cloud shapeThe first step is knowing who you want. (Hint: It’s not “everyone.”)

By Sandi Leyva
The Accountant’s Accelerator

There are many great things about getting referrals. First, referrals have a built-in trust that helps you move through the sales process faster. Second, there’s almost no marketing cost involved. Third, they tend to make a better long-term client.

Unfortunately, many business owners take a reactive approach to referrals, waiting until they come to them, rather than a more profitable approach, which is to proactively maximize referrals. Here are five proactive ways to boost referrals:

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1. Know who you want.

The first step may seem obvious, but it’s important to know what type of client you’d like to do business with. Many business owners say “everyone.” But if you say that, the reaction is that people don’t know of anyone. It’s counterintuitive, but it’s far better to provide a narrow description of an ideal referral than it is to ask for any old name. When your friends hear the detailed description, they can search their personal black book to see if anyone meets that criteria. You’re far more likely to get one or two great matches with detailed information than you will asking for anyone.