The Technology Stack You Need for CAS

5 key points in making your choices.

By Hitendra Patil
Accountaneur: The Entrepreneurial Accountant

Your firm’s current processes/procedures adapted to your current technology stack, or vice versa. Trying to fit client accounting services into your existing technology stack may become a challenge for you – not just from a procedural point of view but also from a profitability point of view. If your current technology stack is still more of desktop software, it could be nearly impossible for you to offer CAS as profitably as potentially possible with non-desktop solutions.

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CAS does not need a technological transformation

Before you start thinking, “oh gosh, this is going to be a hugely expensive technological overhaul of my firm,” STOP. CAS does need you to adapt to an optimal technology mix, but it does not mean you just throw away your current technology and bring in entirely new technology. CAS does NOT need a technological transformation of your firm. Depending upon your existing technology stack, it may only require some reorganization, integration and adjustment.