2019: Expect More Alliances

ALSO: Manage your non-charge hours.

By Jeff Pawlow, The Growth Partnership
The Rosenberg Survey: National Study of CPA Firm Statistics

All of this M&A is coming at a price. Yes, top lines are growing, but often the challenge of successfully assimilating a disparate culture causes challenges to the bottom line.

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This is a relationship business – and it is almost impossible for a practitioner to function at an advisory level absent true professional intimacy with their clients. Sadly, most firms don’t have programs in place to drive these dynamic relationships and are still stuck managing the compliance services at the expense of the advisory work.

Be an Advisor, Not a Robot

Robot office worker using computerPreparing for the future will require more face time.

By Jeff Pawlow
Rosenberg MAP Survey

Take a look at www.willrobotstakemyjob.com and type in “accountant.” If you select “accountants and auditors” you see that there is a 94 percent chance R2-D2 will be counting cash instead of you sometime soon.

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On the tax side? Things get even grimmer with a 99 percent chance your job will be replaced by automated systems in the near future.

Do You Have a Firm or a Co-op?

It's survival of the fittest. Guess which that is.

By Jeff Pawlow
The Rosenberg MAP Survey

Let’s be honest. Statistically, a lot of firms are co-ops: A collection of sole practitioners banded together to share administrative and overheads costs, but who fail to grasp the nature (and potential) of a truly synergistic firm.

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In a market made up of world-class competitors who are actively working to sow seeds of discontent between you and your best clients and top employees, this isn’t going to end well for the co-ops.