There Is No Leadership Without Integrity

Young businesswoman sitting at workplace and looking at camera in office

Competence alone is not enough.

By Steven E. Sacks

Those thrust into leadership positions need only one arrow in their quiver: integrity. Whether in business or politics, if you can speak truth to power while understanding and accepting the risks, then you have integrity. How many bad situations remain unresolved or allowed to fester because no one steps up to recognize a wrong or untruth?

Often, would be a fair guess.

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Think about it: If someone speaks out on those issues important to him or her, it uncovers the nature or character of that person. A basic element to have is authenticity. It comes with a risk of having our words manipulated or “spun” for someone’s or some group’s own benefit. We can feel belittled because of criticism, and also feel that our inner core is being destroyed.