COVID-19: How Your Firm Can Respond

Creating the “new normal.”

By Marc Rosenberg
The Rosenberg Practice Management Library

For the first time in most of our lives, an international health crisis has the makings of a science-fiction scenario becoming reality. The situation puts us in uncharted territory and experts tell us will get continue to worse before it gets better. The optimist in me says this too shall pass, but I also feel that the world will learn from this crisis in ways that will last forever once this is over.

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A cultural shift that will permanently change our lives

Retired Lieutenant General Russel Honore was interviewed on television recently. He was the joint task force commander for Hurricane Katrina. When asked if we’re doing all that we need to do, he responded: “We need to optimize virtual work. There will be a cultural shift in America that will permanently change our lives. We will finally see that we don’t have to drive crosstown to sit in front of a computer.”