Managing Information Overload

Woman yelling into bullhorn and newspapers flying outThe right decisions depend on it.

By Steven E. Sacks
The NEW Fundamentals

It’s a non-stop world of information, data and knowledge shared by anyone from anywhere. It overwhelms, frustrates, confuses, provokes, guides, influences, paralyzes and spurs action. What we research informs the areas we want to investigate further based on the level of knowledge that we need – or how seductive the messaging is, piquing our curiosity even more.

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Newspapers, magazines, cable, radio, social media and a multitude of in-person events create this 24/7 world of information gathering. For business leaders, deciding where to look for information influences their approach to learning more. Leaders who seriously take their role of decision-making want to learn; they collect the relevant data and anecdotal information so they can contemplate the pros and cons of certain actions to take.