Pros Tackle 49% of E-filed Returns

chart of weekly IRS tax return filing dataRefunds are down 19% in number and total amount.

By Beth Bellor

As in recent years, accountants are losing ground to DIYers when it comes to individual income tax returns. The question is, do they care? Or is this ground they’re all too ready to yield for more profitable pastures?

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The IRS had received 85 million returns as of March 26, down 6.2 percent in a season that started 18 days later than in 2020. It had processed 76 million, down 12.7 percent.

Who’s Heating Up Accounting Tech?

The 21 top venture capital funds and the software companies they’re backing.

By Randolph P. Johnston

Through the years, the opportunity to introduce good entrepreneurs with fine products to larger companies or investors to help their company and product grow. While preparing materials for presentations, the money behind the technology used by accounting professionals.

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While who owns what changes daily, investment strategies illustrate what will happen in the future. While my personal preference is to create and operate, many operators prefer to create and flip, taking the money they have made and choosing to do something else.

The links in this post should help you navigate who is holding what. My intent is certainly not to show you all technology company holdings but to simply illustrate a few that are critical to accounting professionals. First, consider a simple listing of Venture Capital Partners And Firms. (You can click through these links to see a simple list of each.)

Now for a few examples of VC firms and representative holdings: