PRO MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: Tax & Accounting Industry Adds 12,200 New FTEs

CPA Trendlines finds the industry adding 12,200 new full-time permanent jobs from a year ago, hitting the 8th new consecutive monthly high.

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  • Current hiring trends in each of the major segments:
    • bookkeeping,
    • payroll,
    • tax and
    • CPA firms
  • Average hourly earnings for each of the  key segments
  • Average hours worked per week for each of the key segment, and
  • Trends regarding women in the accounting workforce for each of the key segments.

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Mandatory Retirement Gains Ground

Chart of mandatory retirement by firm size

Multi-partner firms with mandatory retirement provisions grew from 62.4 percent in 2015 to 64.2 percent in 2016. This percentage is expected to increase as more firms are grappling with partners hanging on to equity longer and young managers vying for partner roles. Take a look at the findings in the new Rosenberg Survey and see what else is changing for partners. Learn more here.

Partner Ages Ticking Back Down?

Chart tracking trends in partner ages
For the last dozen or so years, the number of partners over age 50 has steadily climbed upward. The past two years, however, there was a slight decrease in the percentage of partners over the age of 50 because of the retirement of many partners over the age of 60 (even 70!) and firms bringing in new partners in their 40s. Take a look at the findings in the new Rosenberg Survey and see what else is changing for partners. Learn more here.

Cyber Sleuths Muscle Accountants Aside in Forensic Investigations

Chart of desirable skills
Source: ACFE

Teams want more cyber-security experts than accountants.

By CPA Trendlines Research

Fraud investigation teams are currently seeking or expecting to add people with skills in digital forensics and cybersecurity, according to a new benchmarking survey from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

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Interviewing tops the list of desirable skills, followed by litigation support, data analytics and social media snooping. Forensic accounting comes in fifth. READ MORE →