The Missing Ingredient in Your Marketing That Will Make All the Difference

Even after years of training, learning and succeeding, it doesn’t come easy.

By Sandi Smith, CPA
Accountant’s Accelerator

In school, during both my undergraduate courses and my MBA classes, I took Marketing 101, or something close to that. I learned the four P’s: product, price, place, and promotion. I aced the class.

Sandi Smith

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When I started my first business at age 13, I ran an ad and was able to get clients. It was no big deal. When I wanted to earn some part-time money during college doing bookkeeping (before I passed my CPA exam), I answered an ad and found clients. It was no big deal. When I started a part-time photography studio in the 1980s, I sent out press releases and direct mail and got clients. It was no big deal. I was doing all of this on the side while I had full time jobs paying the rent and everything else.