SURVEY: We Adapted to Remote Work… Now What?

Woman sitting outside with laptop and smartphonePLUS: PPP loans helped firms in multiple ways.

By Gary Adamson

It looks like 2020 will be a good year for almost all small to midsized firms.

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Revenues will be flat to up with the PPP application and forgiveness revenue helping out, plus most firms will recognize their own PPP loan as additional income. The big question is what will 2021 look like for us and how deep will the economic damage for our clients be when the economy finally opens back up?


2019: Shift to Consulting May Be Bumpy

Tech changes are coming. But stymie many.

By Gary Adamson
The Rosenberg MAP Survey

CPA firms are experiencing a squeeze in profitability. Revenues are rising but at an organic growth rate that is not close to where most firms were pre-recession.

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Will Staffing Challenges Change the Definition of Partner?

Businessman looking at question mark sketch on the wallRecruiting is only getting tougher.

By Gary Adamson
Rosenberg MAP Survey

Most of my clients experienced one of their best years in 2016.

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Profitability was at an all-time high and organic growth was better for most as compared with 2015.

What’s Your Why? And Why Should Anyone Care?

Businessman pole vaulting toward his goalUnderstanding the drivers of others in the firm will make succession planning easier.

By Gary Adamson
Bridging the Gap

The very human tendency to assume that others think as we do can lead to great misunderstanding.

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In truth, the things that drive individuals – what makes it all worth it – vary widely. Discovering what makes each team member tick and what he or she most desires and values is an important step toward creating a cohesive partnership and bridging the gap, not just between generations but among all members of the firm.

SURVEY FINDINGS: Talent Wars, M&A Frenzy Continue

Man and two women talking in officePlus a suggestion for renaming the MP.

By Gary Adamson
The Rosenberg MAP Survey

Organic growth continued to be slow and nowhere near pre-recession levels. In fact, this survey and others showed a lower 2015 growth rate than 2014.

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The talent wars are back with a vengeance and firms are generally not finding success in hiring their way out of long-standing succession issues.

2016 Outlook: No End to Mergers in Sight

2016-ROUNDTABLE-OUTLOOK-FOR-ROSENBERG-MAP-COMMENTARY-VF-240x219A buyer’s market is on the horizon.

They say “past results are no indication of future performance.” Maybe. Maybe not. But if anyone should know, it’s our panel of experts, their comments drawn from the new edition of The Rosenberg MAP Survey. These are their bullet points and comments, verbatim, looking back at the last 12 months and looking ahead to 2016. – Rick Telberg, CEO

By Gary Adamson
Adamson Advisory

Lessons from 2015:

Merger mania continued over the last year for several reasons:

  • continued slow post-recession organic growth,
  • thousands of baby boomers with no internal succession plans in place and
  • competition heating up for middle-market clients (the big firms want our biggest and best clients!).

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Firms are improving profitability with per-partner income rising while the talent wars that we saw pre-recession are returning.

Today’s Top Trends in Deals and Valuations for CPA Firm Mergers and Sales

The eight most important facts in settling on a multiple.

With the merger-and-acquisitions frenzy showing no signs of slowing down, practice owners seem to be checking almost daily: What’s my practice worth?

“One thing is for sure,” says Gary Adamson, former CEO of Brady Ware, a top 200 firm, now providing advisory services for firms across the country, “Baby Boomers are selling at a rate that the profession has never seen before.”

It’s still a sellers’ market, he says. But that could change soon, he says, citing “the demographics and the thousands of practices that will soon come onto the market.”

In this report, Adamson addresses:

  • the question of valuing a practice
  • two basic types of deals
  • the value of a multiple
  • eight critical components to making a deal
  • the effect of size of practice on valuation
  • profitability
  • down payment
  • transitions READ MORE →

Partner Succession: It’s All About Client Transition and Retention

By Gary Adamson, CPA
Adamson Advisory

CPA firms are wrestling their way through partner retirements and the accompanying succession issues in numbers that the profession has never seen before. It’s the Baby Boomer Bubble, up close and personal.

Our succession planning should focus on replacing that retiring partner’s contribution on several fronts. Depending on the role of the retiring partner in the firm we will experience varying levels of pain surrounding things like replacing significant knowledge or technical expertise, back-filling a block of hours to get the work done and shoring up voids left in firm leadership. These are all significant issues and deserve a plan of their own.

But the biggie  is the transition of client relationships. READ MORE →