Running on Passion, or Running on Empty?


'Passion is nice. But passion with positive cash flow is so much nicer.'

By Andrea Feinberg

Hey, new business owner: Congratulations on making a huge leap. Your choice to risk it all (and I’d say a predictable income, resources and benefits are pretty huge to leave behind) takes enormous courage, persistence, and a plan. And, many would say it takes a strong devotion – some call it ‘passion’ – to the service or product you plan to deliver.

Well, I have a suggestion and I hope you’ll take this personally (not a typo: I want you to take it personally because your business will be among the most personal relationships and responsibilities you’ll ever have.)

I’m going to suggest you shift your thinking: don’t start a business; solve a problem. Unless your product or service can solve a specific problem (or, secondarily, expand on an opportunity) for a recognizable category of customer, you’ll never make a penny. READ MORE →

The Secret to Making Millennials More Efficient


Five good reasons to let them make their own hours.

By Drew Carrick

What I am about to say might cause you to break into absolute hysteria.  Depending on whom you are,  you will either: share and embrace, or smear and critique. My intention is not to demand a change in the working world, but rather to stimulate a cultural conversation that can change the way we work.

Employees should be able to make their own hours.

Are you crazy, Drew? Nobody would ever work then!

Well, while that may be your first thought, let me explain my thought process. READ MORE →

Ready to Move to the Cloud? It Takes Planning

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Portrait of Patrick Byron

Careful setup makes it easy to disable accounts when people leave.

By Byron K. Patrick

Technology in the cloud has already shown its promise. Many small businesses have already moved from having physical servers onsite to a “cloud-only” technology strategy. They’re experiencing significant gains in productivity and mobility. You may be wondering if that’s the right decision for your company.

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Cloud technology works. In fact, the cloud is secure, flexible, mobile, affordable and dependable. But it’s not magic. It takes more planning and work than simply saying, “Alexa, turn on the cloud-only tech strategy.”

Here are some key points to consider... READ MORE →

Financial Planning and the New Tax Law

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Portrait of John Napolitano

C corp instead of S? Paying down mortgages? So many questions.

By John P. Napolitano
U.S. Wealth Management

The new tax act once again puts tax planning at the epicenter of financial planning. While most high-income taxpayers have always considered tax planning to be a core part of their financial plan and economic well-being, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act makes a planning conversation between CPAs and their clients even more natural than it already was.

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The biggest conversation piece for CPAs with high-end or business-owner clients is the rate reduction for businesses. This discussion starts out with an assessment of whether this provision will apply to your clients. READ MORE →

Misconceptions and Truths about Remote Work

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Portrait of Jody Grunden

"Our team communicates face to face with one another as well as with our clients all day."

By Jody Grunden
Summit CPA Group

My partner and I run a fully distributed CPA firm. Yes, you read it correctly.

Summit CPA Group is a CPA firm with over 40 full-time professionals, mostly CPAs, with the mission statement, “Changing the way people think about accounting.”

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As I mentioned, the firm is 100 percent distributed, meaning that our team works entirely from home. Moreover, our team works 100 percent virtually with our clients. The two primary services that we offer are 401K audits and virtual CFO services.

I recently asked a few members of our team, “What do people say when you tell them that you work for a remote or distributed accounting firm?” Their responses were very interesting. READ MORE →

Changing the Referral Game

Portrait of Ryan Suydam

Solid strategies for activating promoters in 3 phases.

By Ryan Suydam
Client Savvy

Many accountants agree: The best marketing is a delighted client telling others about the great service your firm provided.

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Most accountants also agree: Our professionals and project managers don't do nearly enough to leverage potential referrals, even when we've earned them.

  • How can you change the referral game?
  • What prevents your seller/doers from asking for a referral?
  • Why aren't your best clients already telling everyone how great you are?


10 Reasons Why Partners Don’t Understand Marketing

Portrait of Jeff McKay

But they need to.

Jeff McKay
Prudent Pedal

One of my more popular and controversial blog posts is “Why Your Marketer Doesn’t Understand Your Firm’s Business.” The title alienates marketers before they get to the first sentence. It satisfies partners because it recognizes what they might think but would never say aloud.

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Not being one to avoid controversy or healthy debates, I thought it would make sense to share a marketer’s point of view about why “the line” lacks a grasp of marketing. My sincere and ambitious goal is to reconcile and build the collaborative power of both parties.

Following are 10 reasons why practice leaders and partners don’t understand marketing.


The Advisor of the Future: Client Champion

Servicing clients with courage and conviction.


By Marc Rosen
Client Experience Institute

With many clients demanding more from their accountants and advisors, it's time to embrace a more proactive approach – Client Champion.

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By serving as a Client Champion, you can unleash another form of value that creates true distinction. READ MORE →

How to Create and Communicate Value in Every Prospect or Client Interaction

Portrait of Amy Franko

3 steps to communicating business value.

By Amy Franko

As a busy practice leader, it can be tough to balance the delivery aspects of your role with the continual need to cultivate new business.

As you think about your prospects and clients, take a moment to consider your interactions with them.

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What kind of impression do you make on your clients?

Each time you meet with, talk to or write to them, you have an opportunity to bring value.

Do they think of you as someone who leaves every interaction better than you found it?

Marc Rosen on Relationship Capital [VIDEO]

The true currency of abundance.

In this TEDx Talk, Marc Rosen, co-founder of the Client Experience Institute, addresses the $8 trillion of wealth about to be transitioned by baby boomers and how that impacts professionals like CPAs, financial advisors, and accountants.

More at CPA Trendlines on: Marketing, Practice Development, SalesGrowth Strategies.

More Marc Rosen:  The Advisor of the Future: Client Champion

Client Experience Institute™ is an advisory firm specializing in serving organizations who are all about delivering more value, more knowledge, and more results to their respective stakeholders. They work with like-minded professionals who are willing to think differently about how value is created, delivered, and sustained.

Go Viral: Making Your Content Marketing Worth the Time and Trouble

Four tips for creating content that generates leads and wins new business.


By Christine Nelson
Ingenuity Marketing

Content is king, except when no one reads it.

If you want people to read your website, blog, brochure or articles, use these hints from our business ghostwriters.

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These principles come from studies of sticky ideas, ways to attract attention and persuade readers. Use a few in your next writing project to create engagement with your audience. READ MORE →