Tracking Tax Season 2013: 47 Trends, Issues and Opportunities


The most-read articles on tax season this year at CPA Trendlines. 

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  1. Hard-Hit Soloists Voice Their Biggest Problems 
  2. Tax Practitioners End Busy Season 2013 Short by 300,000 Returns
  3. Worst Tax Season Ever? “It’s Supposed to Get Better!”
  4. 12 Good Reasons for Obtaining Extensions
  5. Pro’s Turn Negative on Busy Season
  6. Slammed with Sloppy Software and Federal Sequestration
  7. Soloist and Small Firms Taking It on the Chin this Tax Season
  8. Tax Season 2013 Adds Up to an Exceptionally Difficult Year for Many Practitioners
  9. Amid Industry Expansion, CPA Firms Remain Cautious in Hiring
  10. FREE INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Sample fee schedule for 1040’s
  11. How to Stay Energized, Upbeat, and Thinking Bigger through Busy Season
  12. The Big Issue for 2013: Fee Pressure
  13. Accountants Chop Prices for Schedule C’s and 1120’s
  14. 12 Reasons to Love Tax Season
  15. Five Ideas to Overcome Client Price-Sensitivity
  16. 10 Best Practices for Tax Season
  17. How many IRS agents does it take to screw in a light bulb?
  18. 12 Good Reasons for Obtaining Extensions
  19. Five Ways for Partners to Lead by Example this Busy Season
  20. Get Paid Faster this Tax Season: Six Good Reasons to Send the Bill with the Return
  21. How to Survive Tax Season: 100 Real-Life Ideas… and Counting
  22. 10 Tips for Creating More Energy this Tax Season
  23. 5 Success Tips for Tax Season
  24. Are You Asking Clients the Right Tax Prep Questions?
  25. Congratulations! You Bought a Tax Practice. Now What?
  26. 19 Easy Ways to Cut Costs, Find More Cash in Time for Tax Season
  27. Seven Checklist Secrets for Turning Tax Season into Opportunity Season
  28. Five New Tax Season Tips to Provide Consistency in Service, Processes, and Standards
  29. Getting Your Website Ready for Tax Season
  30. How Do You Survive Tax Season?
  31. Nine Healthy Things To Do During Tax Season
  32. 11 Ways to Make Sure Clients Know You Care During Tax Season
  33. 12 Fast, Low-Cost Tips for a Stress-Less Tax Season
  34. Seven Smart Ways to Make This Your Best Tax Season Ever
  35. Tax Season: ‘Tis Better to Give than to Receive for This Firm
  36. When’s the Right Time for a Full-Time Quality Control Reviewer?
  37. Nine Ways to Create Well-Behaved Tax Clients
  38. Putting the “No Jerks” Rule to Work in Tax Season
  39. Seven Ways to Increase Fees
  40. The 9 Biggest Billing Mistakes that Cost Accountants Their Hard-Earned Profits
  41. Seven Ways to Wow Your Prospect
  42. Show Me the Margins: Six Ways to Take Home More of What You Earn this Tax Season
  43. Fix the Top 21 Reasons Why Tax Clients Switch Firms
  44. Tax Season Tip: Eliminate Atmosphere of Urgency
  45. Ten Steps to a Better Tax Season
  46. The Newest Top Ten Tech Trends in Tax and Accounting
  47. What’s the Most Ridiculous Thing You’ve Heard in Tax Season?

3 Responses to “Tracking Tax Season 2013: 47 Trends, Issues and Opportunities”

  1. Ed Mendlowitz

    Tax season is the best time of the year! Appreciate! Enjoy! Have fun!

  2. Joseph T. Eckelkamp

    Your Top Ten Articles for Tax Season is great!!!!

    As always, you “get it” on what busy practitioners trying to serve clients AND run their own firms profitably want. Having these all in one place let me see which were most relevant to me (seven of the ten!!!!!) and focus on those. Plus, the focus of the articles is how to continually get better and manage the season instead of letting it manage us.


    Joseph T. Eckelkamp
    The E&A CFO Group