PRO MEMBER BONUS: The CPA Trendlines Quick-Start Guide to Maximizing Profit

Nothing is truer in the tax & accounting business than “The bottom line is the bottom line.”

At CPA Trendlines, we specialize in providing actionable intelligence for making and keeping more money.

Here’s a sampling:


19 Ways to Improve Accounting Firm Profitability

Only 19?


20 Questions to Benchmark Profitability

Warning: Some of your answers may be subjective.


25 Managing Partners List Best Profitability Ideas in 7 Key Areas

Partner comp Non-equity partners Mergers The impact of not-for-profits.


40 Great Ways to Improve Firm Profitability

How many has your firm implemented?


5 Daily Tasks for Maximum Tax Resolution Profitability

To grow your business faster, and operate more efficiently.


8 Tips for Profitable Brainstorming

A few simple rules can guarantee success.


8 Ways to Improve Firm Profits

Because businesses make money, right?


9 Profit Drivers for Your CPA Firm

Do You Have the Character Traits to Succeed?


9 Ways Accountants Throw Away Profits

CHECKLIST, plus how to fix your billing habits to compensate.


Accountants Are the Last Trusted Advisors

How to quantify your level of trust.


Accounting Tops List of Most Profitable Industries, Again

Of course, that’s pre-tax.


Applying Cobb’s Value Curve to Your Firm

“Pricing – that is, fee-setting – is, above all, a marketing decision.”


Are Ethics and Profits Mutually Exclusive?

“The Darwinian concept of the survival of the fittest has been substituted by a philosophy of the survival of the slickest.”


Can Morale Drive Profit?

Many CPAs think so. How does YOUR office rate? Join the study; get the benchmarks.


Checklists for Your Tax Resolution Office Setup

Everything from client interactions to office safety.


Checklists: The Secret of a Profitable Tax Season

Nine reasons you need them and the one big reason they don’t get used.


Don’t Ask a CPA What Profitability Means

You’d think they could agree on a common definition for their firms. They can’t…


Ethical Issues in Pricing

Specifics of Rules 302 and 503.


Five Steps to Improving Profits Every Month

How to get started… now.


Four Untapped Profit Streams Locked Inside Your Practice Management Data

How to control costs, maximize profits, and focus on your real money-makers.


Four Ways to ‘Wow’ Not-for-Profit Clients with PowerPoint

How to create ‘killer’ slides that win over clients.


How CPAs Profit From New Technologies

Implementing the right technology at the right time can be as important as selecting the right products.


How Partner-to-Staff Leverage Drives Profits

Staff-to-partner ratio is one of the top four determinants of profitability…


How Profitability Affects Income Allocation

Don’t put the one-firm concept at risk.


How to Boost Profits Up to 85%?

Hint: The answer is closer than you think


Is the Profit Squeeze Over?

New trends emerge in net profit margins and accounts receivable.


Make the Most of Trade Shows

Plus some mistakes to avoid.


Net Profits: How Much to Whom?

And the 5 steps to take to get started.


New Survey: Profit per Partner Hits $430k

Two reasons it will just keep getting better.


Profitability and The Value of Strategic Thinking

“To succeed, we have to disturb the present…”


Tax Resolution Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Not all preparers are the same.


Technology Playing Center Stage in CPA Profession

Also: Retirees who want their buyouts had better transition their clients.


The 10 Basic Ways to Boost Profits at an Accounting Firm

It’s usually the basic things that you need to do, day in and day out to put more on the bottom line.


The 9 Biggest Billing Mistakes That Cost Accountants Their Hard-Earned Profits

. . . and what you can do about it


The Accountant as Entrepreneur: An Oxymoron?

PLUS: 21 characteristics of an ideal partner.


The Eight Signs Your Firm Needs New Leadership

8 symptoms to beware.


The Essence of CPA Firm Profitability

What Mickey Mouse can teach accountants about accounting…


The First Nine Questions Your Partner Team Needs to Embrace for Optimal Profitability

And six rules for keeping partners happy and productive…


The Five Big Trends Pinching CPA Profits

‘Dealing with the recession has not been pleasant or easy.’


The Missing Link: Developing Your People to Achieve Profitability

How traditional CPE fails firms, employees, and the CPA profession. By Stacey Painter Loscalzo Associates Ltd.


The Top Eight Ways Firms Are Improving Profits Today

And 12 elements essential for success.


The Winning Formula: Productivity Equals Profits

Profession strives for faster, smoother, more profitable practices.


Top Ten Tips for Profiting in a Bad Economy

From an entrepreneurial CPA who’s been through a few


Use Checklists to Manage Your Tax Firm

Don’t let marketing be an afterthought.


When to Offer Profit Sharing

Owner wants to offer a percentage to a staff person, but how?


Who Wants to Be a Comptometrist?

Hint: You shouldn’t. Here’s why.


12 Pricing Factors Beyond Cost

Cost-plus is a starting point, not the endpoint.