100 “Best Accounting Firms to Work For”

Accounting Today’s fourth year for the list. Top winners are to be announced at Accounting Today’s 2nd Annual Growth & Profitability Summit on Oct. 25-27 in Las Vegas. The Best Accounting Firms to Work For list includes 50 small firms … Continued

IRS to Start Fingerprinting Tax Pro’s

FBI background checks for some PTIN registrants. The IRS is airing proposed rules and user fees for fingerprinting and for taking the new competency examination. Total fees, counting the IRS share and corporate contractors doing the work, are expected to … Continued

Old-Fashioned Accounting Marketing Dies Slowly

The painful journey to a new era. by Bruce W. Marcus Professional Services Marketing 3.0 In the years following Bates, accounting firms began a long and difficult process of learning how to market. Accountants were still so steeped in the … Continued

The Four Flavors of Niche Strategies

But it depends on your taste for risk. by Jean Marie Caragher Capstone Marketing There are at least four types of opportunities your firm can pursue in considering new niche growth, each with its own level of risk: 1. Market penetration. … Continued

25 Questions to Ask Before You Launch a Niche

For instance: Can your firm deliver? by Jean Marie Caragher Capstone Marketing Niche marketing is the decision to use a mix of marketing tools to address a specific target: a niche in the market. Using the information gathered in your marketing … Continued

What Do You Mean They’re Not My Clients?

No, you don’t OWN your clients. by Jason M. Blumer, CPA/CITP Founder, THRIVEal +CPA Network Chief Innovation Officer, Blumer & Associates CPAs I’m learning a lot these days. For instance, I’ve learned the value of where my real assets are … Continued