Busy Season 2015: Fixing the Tax System

How tax professionals would remake the tax code.  Imagine there’s no deductions, it’s easy if you try. No 8965, no1095-A, above us, only sky. Imagine all the CPAs, Living for today… By CPA Trendlines Research There’s nothing like another tax … Continued

Busy Season 2015: New Lessons in Time Management

Lesson learned: Plan, prioritize, repeat. Next question: Key financial metrics for 2015 results. Join the survey; get the answers. By CPA Trendlines Research They don’t call it “Busy Season” for nothing. It’s a frenetic, hectic, even hellish effort to herd client cats … Continued

Performance Reviews Need Work, Survey Says

The good news: Nearly three-quarters of respondents in a CPA Trendlines career outlook survey say turnover in their offices is low. The bad news: More than half say performance reviews are neither regular nor useful.

Teamwork: Room for Improvement

You may believe you have a great team in place. But does your team agree? A new set of CPA Trendlines Research findings shows room for improvement.

Busy Season 2015: Headaches from Obamacare

‘ACA is PITA BS for CPAs.’ Next year’s plan: ‘Become a monk.’ Next question: The smartest moves this busy season? Join the survey; get the results By CPA Trendlines Research As Busy Season 2015 grinds down, tax prep professionals are grappling … Continued