PRO MEMBER BONUS: The CPA Trendlines Quick-Start Guide to Checklists, Checklists, and More Checklists

At CPA Trendlines, we know how useful and popular checklists are to our members.

Here’s but a sampling, more than 150… and counting:

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  1. 10 Key Questions to Ask Before You Try CRM
  2. 10 Questions Every Tax Return Reviewer Should Be Able to Answer
  3. 10 Quick and Easy Tips for a Better Busy Season
  4. 10 Radical Steps into the Cloud
  5. 10 Ways to Achieve Partner Accountability
  6. 10 Ways to Get New 1040 Clients
  7. 10-Point Checklist for Bringing in a New Partner
  8. 11 Tax Client Questions for Year-Round Billings
  9. 11 Ways to Get More Tax Clients
  10. 11 Ways to Move Value Pricing
  11. 12 Best Practices for a CPA Firm Compensation Committee
  12. 12 Ways to Determine Your Competence
  13. 13 Questions to Ask Yourself for Personal Growth
  14. 13 Questions to Assess an Upward Merger
  15. 13 Ways to Screw Up a Merger
  16. 14 Ways to Switch to Value Pricing
  17. 15 Points to Buying or Selling a Business
  18. 15 Sure-Fire Ways to Develop Staff Into Partners
  19. 15 Ways to Attract Merger Partners
  20. 16 Best Practices for Communication
  21. 17 Important Ways to Measure a Partner
  22. 19 Surprises When Merging Up
  23. 20-Item Checklist for Planning Effective Partner Meetings
  24. 21 Questions to Help Unlock Accelerated Growth
  25. 22 Ways Blockchain Will Change the Accounting Profession Forever
  26. 23 Reasons Clients Really Need YOU for Taxes
  27. 26 Need-to-Know Strategies for Surviving and Thriving in Today’s Economy
  28. 27 Tough Questions for Evaluating the Performance of a Managing Partner
  29. 3 Factors That Always Affect Negotiations
  30. 3 Ways to Get to ‘Yes’ with Prospects
  31. 30-Item Checklist: Getting People to Listen to You
  32. 31-Item Due Diligence Checklist Before an Upward Merger
  33. 34 Ways to Make More Money
  34. 4 Problems with the Tax Resolution Industry
  35. 40 Great Ways to Improve Firm Profitability
  36. 46 Avoidable Tax-Filing Errors – If Clients Only Knew
  37. 5 Daily Tasks for Maximum Tax Resolution Profitability
  38. 6 Biz Dev Metrics Accountants Should Measure
  39. 6 Keys to the Perfect Proposal
  40. 6 Metrics of Marketing
  41. 6 Metrics of Marketing
  42. 7 Questions for Succession Planning
  43. 8 Considerations with New Clients
  44. Accounting Firms Run on More than Checklists Alone
  45. All You Need to Know to Get Started in Video and YouTube
  46. Art of Persuasion: Think Five W’s and a “Y”
  47. Back to Basics: 25 Ways to Grow Your Practice
  48. Before Negotiations Begin: 18-Item Checklist for a First Meeting
  49. Before You Even Think about Selling Your Practice
  50. Change Is on the Horizon
  51. Change Your Thinking About ‘Small’ Clients
  52. Charting the Evolution of the Firm Administrator
  53. Checklist for Implementing a Merger
  54. Checklist for Running a Practice
  55. Checklists for New Lead Generation
  56. Checklists for Your Tax Resolution Office Setup
  57. Client Management Checklists for Tax Resolution
  58. Client Service Ideas? It’s in the Doing.
  59. Commitment: Your View and Your Firm’s
  60. Communication Can’t Be Overrated
  61. Competence: More Than Technical Skills
  62. Content Categories and How to Leverage Them
  63. CPA Firm Merger “Non-Negotiables”
  64. Dealing with the 16 Reasons Merging Up Causes Anxiety
  65. Define Client Wants Vs. Needs
  66. Does Busyness Really Mean Productivity?
  67. Drop Politics, Be Accountable
  68. Eight Key Goal Areas for Partners
  69. Eight Steps to Re-engineering the Role of Managing Partner
  70. Experience Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does
  71. Financial Planners: Don’t Overlook Employee Benefits
  72. Firm Culture Is Inevitable; Make It Work for You
  73. Five Crucial Performance Indicators for a Monthly Tech Check
  74. Five Ways How NOT to Implement a System of Partner Accountability
  75. Following Up After Tax Season
  76. Four Common Errors in Form 1098-T
  77. Four New Checklists for Succession Planning
  78. Four New Checklists for Succession Planning
  79. Four Tough Client Service Problems
  80. FREE DOWNLOAD: Martin Bissett’s Practice Growth Checklist
  81. Get People to Your Landing Page
  82. Getting Published: A Checklist
  83. How and Why to Achieve Partner Unity
  84. How Can We Keep New Staff Longer?
  85. How Many Hours Should Accounting Staff Work?
  86. How Much Do Partners Earn? And Why
  87. How Much Should Partners Make?
  88. How Social Media Affects SEO
  89. How Spiritual Value Affects Pricing
  90. How the Best Managing Partners and Firm Admins Work in Concert
  91. How the Best Managing Partners and Firm Admins Work in Concert
  92. How the Smallest Firms Can Make Better Technology Decisions
  93. How to Advise an Executor
  94. How to Build Your Pipeline
  95. How to Calculate Your ‘Opportunity Number’
  96. How to Combine Two Firms after Merger: Carefully
  97. How to Conduct Business Valuations and Forensic Investigations
  98. How To Do Networking the Right Way
  99. How to Help Sell a Business
  100. How to Keep Sex from Derailing a Sponsorship
  101. How to Listen on Social Media
  102. How to Make Annual Staff Evaluations Work
  103. How to Make Staff a Team Again
  104. How to Meet Referral Sources
  105. How to Prepare Returns for a Multiple-Year Non-Filer
  106. How to Reactivate Lost Clients
  107. How to Read Your Firm’s Cultural Blueprint
  108. How to Represent Clients in 1040 Audit and CP2000 Issues
  109. How to Sell Bundled Tax Services
  110. How to Target What Skills to Develop Now
  111. How to Turn Routine CPE into a New Marketing Opportunity
  112. Is It Time for a Partner Compensation Checkup?
  113. Is This a Rut?
  114. It’s Not the Challenge, It’s Your Response
  115. Lead Generation Marketing Must Happen Daily
  116. Letting Staff Go After Tax Season
  117. Lowballing: How to Stop Under-Pricing Yourself
  118. Market to Your Ideal Clients
  119. Marketing Requires Ruthless Accountability
  120. Martin Bissett’s ‘Secrets of Superior Accounting Firms’
  121. Merger Prep: Getting to Know You
  122. More Merger Questions Than You Imagined
  123. Nuances and Idiosyncrasies: The Top 12 Issues that Complicate Mergers
  124. Offering Elder Care Assurance Services
  125. Partner Accountability: Seven Signs Your Firm May Be in Trouble
  126. Partner to Partner: What to Talk about When You Talk about Merging
  127. Partnership Is About Persuasion
  128. Prospects Like a Little Wooing
  129. Quality Control: The First Test of Leadership
  130. Rotten Tomatoes: What Do Your Clients Really Think of You?
  131. Sales Is about Trust
  132. Selling on Value vs. Fees
  133. Seven Checklist Secrets for Turning Tax Season into Opportunity Season
  134. Seven Essential Checklists for Getting New Tax Clients
  135. Seven Keys to a Successful Merger
  136. Seven Pearls of Wisdom for the New Managing Partner
  137. Seven Steps to Enforcing Accountability among Your Firm’s Partners
  138. Should I Really Spend the Time Making Checklists?
  139. Show Me the Margins: Six Ways to Take Home More of What You Earn this Tax Season
  140. Six Concrete Ways to Help Business Clients Reach their Full Potential
  141. Six Money-Making Strategies to Take You Beyond QuickBooks
  142. Six Reasons You’ll Wish You had a Partnership Agreement
  143. Six Steps Toward a Less-Paper Office
  144. Step-by-Step: How to Make Newsletters Work for You
  145. Taking Over Poorly Done Work
  146. Tax Resolution: A Lucrative Opportunity
  147. Tax Return Review: The Overlooked Factor in Tax Season Success or Failure
  148. The 10 Keys to Selling Accounting Services
  149. The 15 Rules for Partner Teamwork
  150. The 15-Item Checklist for Your Next Partner Retreat
  151. The 16 Biggest #FAILs in Delegation
  152. The 16 Biggest #FAILs in Delegation
  153. The 19-Point Marketing Director Job Description
  154. The 21 Steps in Every Merger Deal
  155. The 44-Point Staff Performance Evaluation Checklist
  156. The 64-Point Business Startup Checklist
  157. The 8-Point Financial Tune-Up for Your Accounting Firm
  158. The Importance of Goals and Affirmations
  159. The Importance of Great Bosses
  160. The Ins and Outs of Hiring and Firing
  161. The Radical Approach to Pricing
  162. The Six Essential Habits of Successful Leaders in Tax & Accounting
  163. The Tax Resolution Client Intake Checklist
  164. The Three Laws of Physics in Accounting Firm Mergers
  165. The Top 11 Reasons CPA Firm Mergers Fail
  166. Three Must-Have Checklists for Your Practice
  167. Three Ways to Break Partner Gridlock in an Accounting Firm
  168. Thresholds and Core Competencies for a New Partner
  169. Too Much Paper, Too Many Drives
  170. Top 10 Entrepreneurial Traits of Successful Accountants
  171. Want Change? Lead It
  172. What ‘Social Sentiment’ Is and Why You Should Care
  173. What Commitment Means Now
  174. What Commitment Really Means for Partners
  175. What Do Your True Colors Say About Your Commitment?
  176. What Should CPA Firms Discuss at Retreats?
  177. What Staff Mentoring Is and Isn’t
  178. What You Need to Start a Financial Planning Discussion
  179. What’s in a Title?
  180. What’s Lousy, the Client or Your Approach?
  181. When Everything Takes Too Long
  182. When Partners Stop Growing
  183. When Staff Accountants Don’t Want to Supervise
  184. When Staff Won’t Use Checklists
  185. When Staffers Don’t Listen to You
  186. When to Offer Profit Sharing
  187. Why Average Project Value Matters
  188. Why Gross Is the Method for Pricing a Practice
  189. Why Offering Packages Can Catapult Your Revenue
  190. You Know More than You Think about Your Clients

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