“Soft” Skills Make or Break Careers in Accounting

As business guru Tom Peters once said, “Soft is hard.” The careers of finance and accounting professionals are increasingly driven or delayed by “soft” skills such as general business knowledge and interpersonal communications, according to new research reviewed by CPA … Continued

Trends in Temporary Staffing

Rationalizing a broken system and recapturing two-thirds of lost value. With CPA firms and corporations rushing to staff up with a suddenly warming economy, finance and accounting employment agencies are booming. But it can’t last. Sooner, rather than later, the … Continued

How to Design Your Business Around Your Strengths

In this report, Sandi Smith, CPA and creator of Accountant’s Accelerator, directs practitioners to an online psychology test from a top university and shows how to put it to work for yourself. She describes a process for identifying personal characteristics that … Continued

Comp Plans for the New Managing Partner

Lessons from the best-managed firms. By Marc Rosenberg Author of “CPA Firm Management and Governance: The Managing Partner’s Guide to Running a CPA Firm Like a Business.” Baby boomer partners are rapidly approaching retirement age, resulting in a dramatic increase … Continued