How CFOs Choose a New CPA Firm

What you need to know. How finance executives pick accounting firms: Join the survey; get the answers. by Rick Telberg Here’s some good news for accounting firms: Most companies stick with their CPA firms for at least five to 10 … Continued

How to Make Your Firm a Success Magnet

Learn what it takes to attract the best talent and merger partners. by Robert Fligel, CPA RF Resources LLC For many in the CPA business, organic growth is going to be very slow for the next several years. So, CPA … Continued

5 Strategies and 13 Tactics for Client Retention

Good clients don’t leave their CPA on the basis of fees alone. In fact, money factors in only when the relationship isn’t valued and the difference you make is not evident. You and your team can impact that directly by delivering exceptional client service on a consistent basis.