Average Accounting Wage Hits $27.10 Per Hour

2011 finishes at new high. Average hourly earnings across all employees in the accounting and bookkeeping slipped slightly in the latest month, but rang in a solid gain year to year. With more than 970,000 workers, the Bureau of Labor … Continued

Wages at CPA Firms Rise Through Recession

Now running at new high. Hourly earnings at CPA firms are running at an all-time high, according to new data available to CPA Trendlines. On average, earnings reached $31.20 per hour in 2011, up about 3.2%, for all employees. For just non-supervisory … Continued

CPA Firm Headcounts Show a Rebound

20 years of ups and downs, now up again. The number of people employed by CPA firms in the U.S. has topped 400,000 for the first time since last February, according to the latest data available to CPA Trendlines. Total … Continued

Accounting Posts New Record Jobs Number

What recession? More accountants with jobs … ever. by Rick Telberg In the same jobs report that drove the NASDAQ to an 11-year peak, the accounting and bookkeeping sector recorded more people employed in the industry than ever before.

Accounting Grads Get a 3.7% Raise

Accounting firms hire the most, pay less. The average salary for accounting majors is averaging up 3.7 percent to $50,500, according to a new survey of college graduates and the employers who hired them.

PwC Emerges as the Fave Firm for Top Grads

Poll shows what it takes to land the best students. Public Accounting Report’s 30th annual poll of college accounting professors shows that if their best student had a choice, that student would choose PricewaterhouseCoopers to start their career. (To subscribe … Continued