Accounting Industry Adds 500 Jobs

Marks 16 months annualized expansion. But CPA firms are a different story. Accounting and bookkeeping services, All employees in thousands, thru July 2012 The accounting and bookkeeping industry, which includes CPA firms and payroll agencies, added a statistically meaningless 500 … Continued

Is Business Too Good for Your Own Good?

Business is good, but CPAs say the workload never eases up. by Rick Telberg CPA across all areas of the profession this summer are confirming the best hopes and worst fears that the profession felt when the year was beginning. … Continued

Accounting Sector Shrinks by 4,200 Jobs

Marking the fourth consecutive month of decline, the bookkeeping and accounting industry contracted in June, shedding 4,200 full-time employees from May, ending at total employment of 954,800 workers and professionals, according to new data available to CPA Trendlines. Still, June’s … Continued

Dustin Hostetler: The Coming Storm

Dustin Hostetler, a Lean Six Sigma consultant in heavy demand these days by CPA firms overhauling their workflows, foresees a “coming storm” in staff turnover. In short, he says, CPA firm employees are simply fed up with old, inefficient and … Continued

The Partner Compensation Checklist

It’s a process. by Gary L. Adamson Adamson Advisory There is a constant topic of conversation both inside firms and at almost every conference. It is the age-old question of partner compensation and “how do you do it”. As our … Continued