Ten Things Every Firm Needs to Make Clear Firmwide

The main categories of information for internal communications and management. By Bruce W. Marcus Professional Services Marketing 3.0 While the substance of information varies from firm to firm, there are 10 categories that cannot go unconsidered: Share on Facebook Add … Continued

Why Good Accounting Firms Make Bad Decisions

The dysfunctional partner team and three ways to get them back on track. You’ve tried management by committee. And by now, you know it doesn’t work. In a new analysis of CPA firm management practices, Marc Rosenberg finds, “Management by … Continued

Comp Plans for the New Managing Partner

Lessons from the best-managed firms. By Marc Rosenberg Author of “CPA Firm Management and Governance: The Managing Partner’s Guide to Running a CPA Firm Like a Business.” Baby boomer partners are rapidly approaching retirement age, resulting in a dramatic increase … Continued

What a Managing Partner Is… and Is Not

Why some firms decide they don’t want a true managing partner. By Marc Rosenberg, CPA Author of “CPA Firm Management and Governance” Over the years, I have found that many firms lack a clear understanding of what a Managing Partner … Continued

10 Best Practices for Tax Season

First: Are your fees high enough? by Ed Mendlowitz, CPA Author of “Implementing Fee Increases” and “The Tax Season Opportunity Guide.” Increase your fees 3-5% at a minimum – to offset your increased costs. Deliver your bill with the return. … Continued