What Communication Really Means for Partners

BONUS CHART: Seven levels of communication management. By Martin Bissett Passport to Partnership Ultimately, when we have to interact with clients, subordinates, superiors or peers, the questions are always the same: Who do I need to deliver this information to and … Continued

How to Read Your Firm’s Cultural Blueprint

BONUS CHECKLIST: Five-part analysis to measure partner material. By Martin Bissett Passport to Partnership What conclusions can you draw from your knowledge of how the promotion system works in your firm that you need to keep in mind? MORE ON THE … Continued

Gauge Firm Culture to Move Toward Partner

Bonus Partnership Pointers checklist: 3 questions to evaluate the culture at your own firm. By Martin Bissett Passport to Partnership This second C is a stormy and choppy one, often fraught with political icebergs but navigated diplomatically and with maturity, … Continued

12 Ways to Determine Your Competence

BONUS: Case Study and Worksheets: 3 questions to gauge your own competence, 4 questions about your personal brand and a 5-point checklist. By Martin Bissett Passport to Partnership The Passport to Partnership study collated a number of responses in a … Continued