A Radical Close Look at Value Pricing

BONUS CHECKLISTS: 5 reasons not to manage employees by timesheet and 4 factors of fixed pricing. Join the survey; get the results: Pricing Strategies and Billing Rates By Jody Padar The Radical CPA Ron Baker and Ed Kless of the VeraSage Institute … Continued

Make Radical Connections

You don’t define your brand, your customers do. By Jody Padar The Radical CPA Social media is great for connecting with clients and prospects, but it also makes it easier to get published in the real media and that will … Continued

What CPA Firms Could Learn from Google’s Alphabet

13 lessons in strategy and innovation from Google’s founders. Next question: The Essential Traits for Success as an Entrepreneurial Accountant. Join the survey; get the results. By Hitendra Patil Pransform Inc. Google’s creation of a new spin-off called Alphabet, a … Continued

Let’s Get Radical About Content

Content is king and context is queen. By Jody Padar The Radical CPA Most professionals speak and/or tweet above their audience. They don’t realize whom they’re talking to. MORE ON RADICALISM: Each Social Channel Has a Language | Get Ready … Continued

Each Social Channel Has a Language

Better to pick one spot and be devoted to it than scattershot across three. By Jody Padar The Radical CPA Each social media channel has its own language, culture and dialect. You need to make sure that your culture (aka … Continued