5 Ways to Get More Referrals

The first step is knowing who you want. (Hint: It’s not “everyone.”) By Sandi Leyva The Accountant’s Accelerator There are many great things about getting referrals. First, referrals have a built-in trust that helps you move through the sales process … Continued

DO NOT Embrace These Changes

… unless you want to grow your business. By Wesley Middleton Middleton Raines LLP This is not only directed at the profession of CPAs of which I am a proud member, but to the clients we serve. I see so … Continued

LinkedIn Adds Messaging. Finally!

New chat app accelerates business networking, client communications. By Hitendra Patil Pransform Inc. LinkedIn, undoubtedly the “go-to” social media platform for prospects to check out CPAs, is rolling out a messaging feature to allow real-time chat conversations. And it’s about time. Until … Continued