3 Ways to Get to ‘Yes’ with Prospects

Bonus Checklists: Checking first impressions, reducing risk, putting a face on your practice. By Sandi Smith Leyva The Accountant’s Accelerator Change is hard on all of us, and there’s no exception when it comes to new customers taking a first … Continued

5 Cures for the Summertime Blues

Shift some of the heavy lifting to your lighter months. By Sandi Smith Leyva The Accountant’s Accelerator For some of you, summer can be a slow time in your business. If you do taxes, all the action is during busy … Continued

Fernando Gomez | Money Tips

3 Cost-Control Ideas for Small Business. Fernando Gomez, CPA Jackson Heights, N.Y. fgomezcpa.com. 1. A business should have appropriate insurance coverage. Consider increasing the insurance deductible, where permitted, on all types of business insurance in order to reduce the premiums … Continued

Alyssa Lebovic | Money Tips

15 Practical Ways for Small Business Owners to Cut and Contain Their Costs… …And 1 thing to NEVER compromise on. Alyssa Lebovic, CPA Partner Keller & Lebovic CPAs Fair Lawn, N.J. 1. Look over all your expenses with a fresh … Continued

The Top 10 Risks for Family Business

And what should CPAs be doing about them? Sound Off: Take the poll. See the answers. by Rick Telberg/At Large Accountants are all too familiar with the succession issues faced by accounting firms. But accounting firms aren’t the only ones … Continued

Lawyers Face Recession Troubles, Too

First Economic Downturn for Law Firms since 1998 In its first downbeat client advisory in 10 years, law marketer Larry Bodine (left) says Hildebrandt researchers expect new kind of economic downturn for law firms — one without the usual surges … Continued