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Auditors: The World Needs You in the Fight Against Terrorism

What the Profession Needs to Know about Money Laundering. 

By Wm. Dennis Huber and Larry Crumbley

There are difficulties in measuring funds channeled into financing terrorist organizations and activities worldwide. Various sources estimate this funding to be between $590 billion and $1.5 trillion through money laundering. PwC suggests that “money laundering transactions are estimated at 2% to 5% global GDP, or roughly $1-2 trillion annually.”

However, financing terrorist organizations and activities is not necessarily the result of money laundering. Financing terrorist organizations and activities may be accomplished by reverse money laundering, or “money dirtying” which may make financing terrorist organizations and activities even more difficult to estimate.

Just as evidence of fraud cannot be ignored, so too evidence of financing terrorist organizations can no longer be ignored.

The goal of money-launderers is, like that of a corporate enterprise, to maximize profits and reduce risk while the goal of terrorists, on the other hand, is to further a political agenda or ideology, or to destroy or kill with no regard to profits and with little regard for risk. READ MORE →

True Diversity: The Next Frontier for the Accounting Industry

Jennifer Scott SUM Innovation HR

Understanding the Business Case in the Tax & Accounting Workplace.

By Jennifer Scott
SUM Innovation

Workplace diversity may best be described as the blend of individual and organizational characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, and behaviors — all coming together to achieve a company’s vision.

Catch SUM Innovation founder and CEO Mathew Heggem discussing "The Art of HR" with Jason Blumer and Greg Kyte in a Thriveal podcast here.

Vision is an important concept for small businesses. There are multiple definitions of the word: the sense of sight, a thought or perception, an apparition, even an amazingly beautiful image. But in a business context, a vision is a future-focused statement about what an organization intends to become.


How and Why to Establish Firm Procedures Manuals

It's institutional knowledge; keep it in the institution.

By Roman H. Kepczyk
Quantum of Paperless

Every firm has accountants who are 10 percent, 20 percent or even 50 percent more productive in their departments than other personnel because they have simply “figured it out.” Unfortunately, when these people leave the firm, their unique knowledge of specific processes and shortcuts goes with them.

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It is the responsibility of firms to capture these individuals’ best practices so that that specific knowledge can be shared and accessed by all firm members, both now and in the future. This can be accomplished by making a concerted effort to develop a best practices manual within each department.

Is It Time for a Partner Compensation Checkup?

Green checks being made on checklist6 questions to ask, 9 standards to follow.

By August J. Aquila
What Makes a Great Partnership

Ever wonder what the most appropriate partner compensation system is for your firm and how to assess partner performance?

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A firm’s compensation system is a reflection of its culture and external competitive factors. When was the last time you gave your partner compensation system a checkup?

Help Clients, Increase Revenue: Make Sure Everyone on Staff Knows Your Firm’s Full Menu of Services

Ed Mendlowitz CPA The Practice Doctor Q and AMaybe they'll be so interested they'll want to learn that work.

By Ed Mendlowitz
The CPA Trendlines Practice Doctor

QUESTION: We have around 30 full-time staff, and most of them graduated less than three years ago.

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How can we let them know more about the services our CPA firm provides so they can help sell our services?

Be a History Maker

Illustration of man pushing "SERVICES" buttonThe Awesome 8 beyond compliance.

By Rob Nixon

The old model suggests that most of the work that accountants do is history writing.

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Writing up the past and presenting it is a timeframe that it is not relevant anymore. Clients want additional help and if you take the view that by being proactive and really helping your clients, you can become a history maker.

Blockchain: Questions Are the Answer

Blockchain will find answers. But you need to know the right questions.

By Hitendra Patil
Accountaneur: The Entrepreneurial Accountant

If blockchain were human, here’s what it would say to you: “Dear accountant, your intelligence is far more powerful than my algorithmic intelligence. I can do the math, audit the authenticity of transactions incredibly faster than you can. But that’s not the point. The point is: I can provide you answers much faster than was ever possible. But only if you ask me great questions!”

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We are just about starting to see what Pablo Picasso saw way back in 1964 about “the enormous new mechanical brains” and “calculating machines.” They are “useless," he said. "They can only give you answers.”

If the mechanical brains “can only give you answers,” it is imperative that someone asks those brains the right questions. That someone had better be you.

The Entrepreneur’s Questions READ MORE →

Growth Is All About the Clients

Large group of people gathered into an upward arrow shape3 questions to ask.

By Rob Nixon

The old (traditional) growth model is all internally focused. Nowhere in it is the client mentioned.

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The new growth equation is all about the clients. It’s about marketing to get additional clients from firms that are not giving legendary service (like hopefully you do). It’s about serving them well to keep them delighted, loyal and referring more. It’s about offering all services to them and it’s about you receiving fair compensation for the value that you create for the client.

The Four Types of Competition

Businessman drawing one arrow longer than others6 ways to differentiate your firm.

By August J. Aquila
Price It Right

After demand, perhaps the next most important factor affecting a CPA firm's pricing policies is competition.

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As clients and prospects become more educated about CPA firms in their market, more sophisticated about the services offered and more cost-conscious, pricing becomes more important and more firms are beginning to stress the price of their services, especially in competitive request-for-proposal situations. Intensive price competition in most professional service industries is now a way of life, from hotels to airlines, from car rentals to telecommunications and from law firms to CPA firms.

Accounting Profession Shows Steady Growth

BONUS: Our statistical snapshot.

By Beth Bellor

Hiring in the accounting profession no longer racks up double-digit increases, but there's growth in more areas than not.


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Remote Banking Offers Instant ROI

Person writing check with pen and checkbookBonus: Your bank fees may decrease.

By Roman H. Kepczyk
Quantum of Paperless

One of the easiest processes to convert to paperless with an immediate ROI is the firm’s system for depositing client checks.

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Manually receiving and physically going to the bank to deposit checks can be time-consuming and subject to too many errors. The manual procedure requires firms open mail on a daily basis, make copies to file in a binder, complete deposit slips and then send a person physically to the bank, which can easily take a half hour every day, five days per week, 52 weeks per year.

Hackers Using Hotel WiFi to Spy, Steal Data

Faceless hooded anonymous computer hacker with programming code from monitorThe keys? Individualized phishing emails and multistage malware downloads.

By Rick Richardson

An advanced hacking and cyberespionage campaign against high-value targets has returned.

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The so-called "DarkHotel" group has been active for over a decade, with a signature brand of cybercrime that targets business travelers with malware attacks, using the WiFi in luxury hotels across the globe.