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Do You Realize You’re Failing?

Martin Bissett

Be proactive, rather than waiting for business to come to you.

By Martin Bissett

Have you noticed all of those titles in the local bookstore or at the airport offering us the "key" to this and the "key" to that, the "six keys" to one thing and the "four keys" to another?

It also seems that every book is a "game-changer" now, to the point where it is difficult to understand what the game is anymore, never mind how to play it.
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When it comes to winning new work in professional services, we must first build a relationship. The game hasn’t changed at all in that respect. READ MORE →

Social Media Basics for Accounting Firms

Social media words on cubesSetting up on the 3 major platforms.

By Sandi Leyva
The Complete Guide to Marketing for Tax & Accounting Firms

Social media can be a great marketing channel, but the big challenge is how to keep it from draining all of your time. The key is having rock-solid systems and procedures AND time limits.

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For small businesses trying out social media for the first time or with strict budgets or time limits, I recommend doing minimum activity or only being active in one of the three accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter). Once you get your procedures solidified for these minimum activities, you’ll be able to expand to more venues and more activities if you want to.

Mandatory Retirement Gains Ground

Chart of mandatory retirement by firm size

Multi-partner firms with mandatory retirement provisions grew from 62.4 percent in 2015 to 64.2 percent in 2016. This percentage is expected to increase as more firms are grappling with partners hanging on to equity longer and young managers vying for partner roles. Take a look at the findings in the new Rosenberg Survey and see what else is changing for partners. Learn more here.

SURVEY: Cloud Usage Still Spotty

Trend Watch: The adoption of cloud services is selective.

Q: Does your firm use any SERVICE that could be defined as “cloud” computing – i.e. hosted software/server or hosted communications? (Select all that apply.)


Chart of survey results
Source: Accounting Firm Operations and Technology Survey


Other answers:

• AppRiver
• MS 365
• Project management (Smartsheet)
• QBox – hosted QuickBooks
• Sharefile
• Terminal Server
• Thomson Reuters Virtual Office, QuickBooks Online; Right Networks QuickBooks hosting
• Time and billing (ImagineTime), Storage (SmartVault)
• Too many to list
• Unitrends
• Unsure
• Wave and QBO
• We are private-cloud hosted in a secure data center


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Deloitte Develops Audit Technology for Smaller Firms

Man at laptopThe mindset that led to it? Competition from a couple of guys in a garage.

By Rick Richardson

Deloitte just announced the availability of audit technology for smaller accounting firms through a new venture it recently formed.

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Deloitte created Auvenir as an in-house startup and tasked it with developing its own auditing technology that could be offered to small firms. Deloitte is starting with a North American launch of the technology, known as the Auvenir Audit Smarter platform, which leverages artificial intelligence to help auditors with their work.

How to Build Enduring Relationships

Woman explaining financial brochure to manA 10-point communication schedule and 12 performance standards.

By Rob Nixon

When you get a lead for a new client you are so excited. It’s almost like a potential new love has entered your life.

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To seal the deal you really woo the potential client in the dating period and you dance for a few weeks while you make all sorts of promises. Finally they commit to being engaged to you and the client agrees to your promises and charm. You are even more excited.