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Early results from the new 2015 CPA Trendlines Technology Trends Survey are already suggesting some tantalizing clues to today's pressing questions on:

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  • Technology traits of the most successful firms.

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How Smart Accounting Firms Use Intranets to Get Smarter

Why you need a dashboard.

By Roman H. Kepczyk
Quantum of Paperless

Files are usually indexed and accessed in designated directories so there is not much the firm can do about moving these files.

MORE ON TECH SPENDING: Unified Messaging Boosts Security | Ready for a Revolution? Your Phone Is | Remote Access Boosts Productivity, Requires Planning | Get Ahead of Your Software Updates | Blame Accounting Vendors: Accountants Stuck with Outdated Versions of Microsoft Office | Ready or Not, Here Comes Windows 10 | Back Up and Check Your Backup | Cloud Computing Can Cost Less | Laptop-Only Workers More Common | Scanners Allow Data Capture at the Source | In PC Monitors, More Is Better

Firm knowledge and information is usually stored in one of four “buckets.” READ MORE →

How to Make Staff a Team Again

Ed Mendlowitz CPA The Practice Doctor Q and ABONUS CHECKLIST: 5 steps you can take today.

By Ed Mendlowitz
The CPA Trendlines Practice Doctor

QUESTION: My staff seems to have “wandered” away from feeling this is a firm – that we are all in this together – to becoming a bunch of people who happen to work at the same address. Do you have any suggestions to get them to pull together?

MORE PRACTICE DOCTOR Q&A: How to Make Annual Staff Evaluations Work | When Staffers Stagnate | 7 Ways to Lose a Client’s Trust | 18 Ways to Blow a Partnership Opportunity | When a Staffer Stops Listening | Making Meetings More Productive | 44 Critical Criteria for Accounting Staff Performance Evaluations

ANSWER: Yes – it’s called leadership.


Two Daily Rituals: Focus and Measure

Calm balanced businessman sitting outdoors on bench in Yoga lotus pose meditating, with office building and blue sky in backgroundBonus checklists: 6 sample questions and 10 sample metrics.

By Sandi Smith Leyva
The Accountant’s Accelerator

There’s something special about the word ritual. It sounds sacred, like you wouldn’t dare break it.

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It sounds a little mysterious, as if there’s a component you can’t quite control. And it sounds colorful, like something full of character that you would never get bored of.


Let’s Get Radical About Content

Content is king and context is queen.

By Jody Padar
The Radical CPA

Most professionals speak and/or tweet above their audience. They don’t realize whom they’re talking to.

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When you’re producing content, it has to be driven at the consumer level, not at the other professional level.

Most CPAs talk above their customers. Some companies get it right. READ MORE →

Accountants Worldwide Report Business Challenges

Chart about nations' business risk aversion

Everyone wants their government to get out of the way.

While U.S. accountants certainly rank high in entrepreneurial spirit, with 49 percent calling themselves risk-seeking in the Sage Accounting Index, they were tied by Brazil and edged out slightly by their Canadian counterparts at 50 percent, with the Spanish topping everyone at 58 percent. The four countries also ranked lowest in risk aversion from 27 to 31 percent.


Firm Culture Is Inevitable; Make It Work for You

Martin Bissett


BONUS CHECKLIST: 5 ways to check sure the firm's people believe in both themselves and the culture.

By Martin Bissett
Passport to Partnership

Cultural issues are dynamic, very broad and unique in each firm. As such it is a challenge to summarize them accurately and comprehensively.

MORE ON THE PASSPORT TO PARTNERSHIP: 12 Ways to Determine Your Competence | What Competence Really Means for Partners | Sailing Through the Seven C’s to Partnership | Passport to Partnership: New Research Shows Wide Gap between Partners and Partners-To-Be

From our research, however, the wise choice for anyone wishing to get their passport to partnership appears to be to study

  • their firm’s existing culture,
  • that of its senior individuals and
  • that of those who have the ear of those senior individuals

to understand not only the route to partnership, but the terrain that they need to cross too.


CPA Firms Show Strength in Raising and Holding Fee Rates

Auditing and tax rates continue to inch upward.

Chart of July 2015 PPI, CPA offices

CPA firm pricing index

Pricing Strategies and Trends in Tax and Accounting
Join the survey. Get the details.

By CPA Trendlines Research

The pricing index at CPA firms stands at 116.8, just one-tenth of one point below the six-month average for the year, suggesting firms are maintaining their strong grip on fees. READ MORE →

15 Ways to Attract Merger Partners

Overhead view of two businessmen meeting in lobbyBonus checklist: 17 minuses. Turn-ons and turn-offs.

By Marc Rosenberg
CPA Firm Mergers: Your Complete Guide 

What make a firm most attractive to a merger partner?

MORE ON MERGERS: 13 Reasons Accounting Firms Merge | Mergers 101: When Negotiations Aren’t Really Negotiations | 5 Steps to Take Before Merging

These apply to all types of mergers.  READ MORE →