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Shift Thinking from ‘We’ to ‘You’

Portrait of a cheerful businessman smiling at the cameraBusinesses place value on expertise.

By Martin Bissett
Passport to Partnership

Please start understanding, valuing and respecting your own value in the marketplace with clients who could not reach their goals without you.

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Businesses are in need – sometimes desperate need – of your technical expertise and caring approach.

Forget CPE, You Need an FPE

Business hand holding hot chart in crystal ballAn executive whose entire job is to predict future?

By Hitendra Patil

Do you want to know the future of accounting?

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Business Insider recently published a post stating Ford has an executive whose entire job is to predict the future.

IRS Taxpayer Advocate Questions Preparation of Tax Preparers

Table shows reduction in IRS geographic presence and employees since 2011.

Three big issues: Code, cooperation, competence.

By Rick Telberg
CPA Trendlines

National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson, who heads the Taxpayer Advocate Service, is citing three broad areas that Congress should deal with if it hopes to avoid revenue catastrophe at the Internal Revenue Service.

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The three main issues are: READ MORE →

Generational Differences: Truth and Fiction

Young businessman working on laptopBONUS: Matrix of how partners see Millennials vs. how they see themselves.

By Marc Rosenberg
On Staffing

George Orwell said, “Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.”

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Before we delve into the differences between generations, let's go over some definitions.

Future State or Future Shock? IRS Watchdog Warns of Dubious IRS Plans

Questionable solution: IRS outsourcing taxpayer communication.


By Rick Telberg
CPA Trendlines

A few years ago the Internal Revenue Service launched a belt-tightening overhaul it called The Future State.

The changes were devised with good intentions. The service wanted to deal with taxpayers more through the Internet and less over the phone or in person. It would also expect taxpayers to hire outside tax specialists to give them advice that the IRS had once offered as a free service.

Ideally, all of this would reduce the cost of collecting taxes. But the Taxpayer Advocate Service soon warned that the changes would lead to more aggravation and less goodwill among taxpayers. Less goodwill, the TAS said, could lead to less compliance, which translates into less revenue to the United States Treasury.

The IRS heard the warnings and initiated a country-wide series of forums and a website dedicated to explaining the Future State plan. IRS representatives even went before Congress to explain that the service was not eliminating all phone or personal contact with taxpayers.

National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson, who heads the TAS, commended the IRS on these outreach efforts, but she felt that the real problems had not been addressed. The plan failed to consider and incorporate the needs and preferences of people who are expected to voluntarily comply with their tax obligations, i.e., American taxpayers.


Tax Season Productivity Hacks

Five good habits for getting things done.

The Best Time Management Tips:
Join the survey, get the answers

By Salim Omar

Tax time is widely considered the “busy season” for practitioners, but it doesn’t have to mean chaos and misery. A well-managed firm allows its owner to conduct business and live life at a reasonable pace no matter what the season.

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By employing a few clever and surprisingly simple productivity hacks, you, too, can have a better tax time experience beginning this very season. Put these new habits to work for you now: READ MORE →