It’s Not Sales. It’s Your Duty

How to suggest additional services to clients and why you’re doing them a disservice if you don’t. By Ed Mendlowitz The CPA Trendlines Practice Doctor QUESTION: I always feel awkward telling clients they need additional services that I should perform … Continued

Selling on Value vs. Fees

What’s the difference? Compliance sells on fee; advisory sells on value. By Martin Bissett Understanding Selling I’ve been asking you to believe in yourself, to get your potential clients to open up to you and to demonstrate to them the outcomes … Continued

Selling vs. Attracting to Build Relationships

Break down unspoken barriers. Are you just about compliance? By Martin Bissett Winning Your First Client It’s about time to realize that value is not about time. MORE BISSETT: Selling vs. Attracting to Build Relationships | When Selling, Don’t Chase New … Continued

‘Selling’ Isn’t a Dirty Word

Don’t like selling? Call it something else. By Martin Bissett Winning Your First Client Being a successful person according to your own measurement of that, and your own goals and your own standards, is different for everyone. If you’re comfortable … Continued

In Sales, Perception Is Reality

You have to believe in yourself. By Martin Bissett “No man has the ability to step outside of the shadow of his own character.” — Robespierre As far as our potential clients are concerned, how they perceive us is how … Continued

Success Begins With Accountability

8 key questions to get you started. By Martin Bissett The secret to overcoming failure to correctly implement a successful business development strategy is by “winning your first client” and this starts by being accountable to someone for your performance. … Continued

Do You Realize You’re Failing?

Be proactive, rather than waiting for business to come to you. By Martin Bissett Have you noticed all of those titles in the local bookstore or at the airport offering us the “key” to this and the “key” to that, … Continued